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Staff Testimonials

What does it mean to be a part of The Pegasus Partnership Trust?


Sonesh Sakaria, Year Team Leader & Science Faculty

"When the idea of becoming an Multi Academy Trust came about, I'll be honest, I didn't know what to expect. What did it mean for staff? How would it impact children's learning? There's always that unknown until you get in it. However, I was optimistic. And now I can honestly say that it was the right choice for us moving forward in regards to teaching and learning.

Simply because being a part of a MAT came with benefits. Now we have opportunities to work across the Trust, building rapport with staff in another school, opportunities to gain experience in teaching in a different school, increased opportunities to develop further as a practitioner and ables us to gain ideas to bring back to the classroom to best support our children.

But it's not all about the professional benefits - we play hard as much as we work hard! Now that we are a part of a MAT, we get to organise social events together to build relationships, to enable us to network with colleagues and discuss strategies that have been embedded in the classroom. So overall, the experience of being a part of a MAT has been phenomenal and I look forward to having more schools on board in the future!"


Aliya Dhanji, Parent & Trustee

"Being part of a multi academy trust has meant that we can do more to make a difference to so many children.  It is an absolute honour to see the benefits of collaborating on policy, creating a vision where children at the heart of everything we do and having an impact on their families and the wider community.  Our vision of ‘Children First’ is embedded into every policy and guides all our discussions and processes.  It is exciting to be able to support other schools and academies to join our MAT so that they are able to benefit from the systems we have in place and collaborate with us in our drive to do more for our children and wider communities."


Nita Patel, Office & Communications Manager

“I feel very proud and privileged to work for The Pegasus Partnership Trust.

I work across two schools and see the benefits of collaboration and developing teams across the Trust. Not only are we developing great teachers and staff through shared best practice, but we are achieving economies of scale and streamlining procedures through a centralised approach to key supporting roles.

With strong Leadership, I feel valued, nurtured and most importantly encouraged to be the best at my role for our children.

I love that even though we are part of The Pegasus Partnership Trust each school is unique and has its own identity but, we all share the same passion and commitment of always putting ‘children first’ and ensuring our children achieve the best outcomes to become our future world changers!”


Xanthe Easton, School Direct Associate Teacher

"I began working at The Welldon Park Academy as a teaching assistant in 2020. By September 2021 I was working as an Associate Teacher through an apprenticeship model, at Priestmead Primary. The Pegasus Partnership Trust saw potential in me and offered me all I needed to achieve my dreams including funding for the Initial Teacher Training course, a salary and great mentors. I feel very fortunate to have found such a nurturing Multi Academy Trust and to have worked across both academies as it has given me a more complete view of the Trust as a whole.

Both of the academies in the trust work together in a collaborative manner that enables them to learn from each other, be stronger together and grow mutually whilst maintaining their own well defined identity. Both have wonderful staff teams that are welcoming and supportive. The leadership teams empower all the staff to develop themselves as professionals through a myriad of training, wellbeing approaches, and enable personal growth through valuing them as individuals.

The culture of the trust has a strong sense of care, inclusion and belonging with the children first ethos embedded through all areas of school life. It feels like family and I am proud to be part of such a beautiful community."


Bryony Rhodes, TLR Teacher and Mentor

"I started at Priestmead in my first year of teaching just as it was launching into a multi academy trust. Working in a bigger school meant I was surrounded by a brilliant and supportive team who built my confidence early in my career. I witnessed other teachers within my team being given opportunities allowing them to progress and flourish in their own ways.

Throughout COVID we collaborated as a school like always, but the new age of video calls opened the door to further collaboration across the Trust. We were able to build relationships and share ideas and resources.

When looking for a new challenge, the opportunity of applying across the Trust to a new opening was available. Although I was comfortable in my position, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to make this move and I’m excited to continue to develop my skills and progress in my career in a new academy within the Trust."


George Collins, Early Career Teacher

"Before obtaining my first role as a primary school teacher, I had a strong idea of the sort of school I hoped to be a part of when I became an early career teacher. When I applied for a job within The Pegasus Partnership Trust, I believe I was extremely lucky in being given the opportunity to visit and choose a school of preference within the Trust. It was exciting to witness two schools that had created an environment where their children were the priority and are at the forefront of everything they do. What I find most interesting, was the schools’ abilities to maintain their uniqueness and character. For me, both schools stood out because their staff and children were so welcoming, their classrooms and lessons were exciting and lively, and it felt like two passionate teams who were striving together for the same goals. With the prospect of moving to the South and a school away from my family and friends, I found this career move particularly daunting (Especially as an early career teacher).  At first when I completed my Primary Education Degree, I was unsure about how beneficial an ECT Programme would be to further my development. But the programme that I have been provided with has allowed me to collaborate with other early career teachers and experienced teachers. This has been across both schools within The Pegasus Partnership Trust and across London!"


Michelle Mensah, Family Focus Coordinator

"With ‘Children First’ being at the core of all that we do, we believe in the importance of building strong relationships with parents/carers.

As the Family-Focus Coordinator, I am part of a strong inclusion team across both academies and my role is to provide support for families with a view to removing barriers for our children so that they can thrive. Some of my duties include, offering practical support through our Community Food Bank; providing space for parents to come together to share ideas and support each other on parenting skills; improving communication and confidence by organising ESOL classes; liaising between parent and teacher; parent coaching; attendance meetings or simply signposting to appropriate services to name a few.

Working with children and families is very rewarding but it can also have its challenges. I feel that working in the Trust allows us to use professional expertise across both academies where we can find solutions together, share ideas/resources and training sessions, whilst maintaining the unique qualities of each school community.  I truly value my role and feel proud to say that I am part of a Trust that ensures our children, irrespective of their needs, are supported to achieve their highest potential."


Sachin Patel, Assistant Headteacher & DSL

Testimony coming







Sharoo Karwal, IT Technician

"It’s always challenging when big changes happen such as forming a Multi Academy Trust. You are never sure of what to expect. However, with a welcoming, approachable and supporting central team, the transition was seamless.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to get involved with IT across both academies in the early days. I discovered more opportunities to learn from each schools’ experiences, their style of working and their vision for the future. Now I am working across both academies and see the benefits of collaboration, harmonization and consistency. With a centralized approach, we are liaising with a broad range of technology experts to deliver products that enable both academies to process while ensuring efficiency, reliability and security. As a Multi-Academy Trust, we are working on ICT solutions, various projects to procure the best value and cost for both academies.

Through difficult times like covid 19, we have managed to obtain a secure and reliable system to help both staff and children in the next step of their education. Learning and moving fast onto blended/hybrid teaching and learning over this pandemic, we manage to successfully deliver curriculum into children’s homes.


Working as a part of The Pegasus Partnership Trust, I’ve learnt that trust and teamwork, work through every experience. #proudemployee"


Rachel Bates, Associate Headteacher

I have spent my career mostly in Local Authority run schools. I have been in leadership for the last 15 years and a deputy head In the same school for 7 years. I took my time deciding to become a Headteacher, and when I did I felt sceptical of joining a MAT.


However, I loved the advert for the position in the Trust and was free to ask the questions that I wanted prior to the interview. My concerns were that joining a MAT would mean that I was not free to do what was right for the children in my school and that I would not have the creative licence to make a school unique.

I joined The Pegasus Partnership Trust in Sept 2021 and I feel so happy with the decision. I am involved in and lead decision-making for my academy, but also benefit from the support and understanding I receive from the other Academy Lead and Executive Headteacher. Being a leader in this climate is tough and it is imperative to have a strong support network in order to have robust stress coping mechanisms and support from someone who understands the pressure, whilst still presenting challenge.

All my anxieties about being part of a Trust have so far been just that, things I was worried about, that I no longer am!

I have support with policies, budget, future planning and staffing issues. I have been encouraged to be creative, make my academy my own and look after my wellbeing.

The Pegasus Partnership Trust is special, my academy is unique but also aligned with the Trust's value, and encouraged to be so. I also have career support, CPD and progression. I feel invested in, and feel I am giving my all to my academy and the Trust. It’s a partnership in the truest sense of the word.



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